Africa International College operates very differently from most traditional public schools. Read below to learn what to expect from your experience at AIC.

The prospective student of the school is expected to download, and fill form online or obtain admission form the school’s accounts department, afterwards submit a duly filled form to the school Administrator, Vice Principal (academics) or Head teacher as the case may be.

The student then qualifies to write a placement test to enable the school determine his/her suitability for the class proposed. Questions for the placement test are drawn from Mathematics, English and General Knowledge except for the pre-nursery where the class teacher interacts with the pupil.

Students who wish to enter, JS 1 must be at least 9 years old.

No matter your interests, AIC has a course plan to suit your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about what to expect when you enroll, contact us at our contact page.

It is the mission of the admission department to inform and admit new, qualified scholars to the school in a professional and forthright manner while maintaining the integrity of the School, the Scholars and their families.

General: Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. No official decision on application is given until all relevant documents have been received. Families seeking admission for their children are advised to apply as early as possible as certain classes fill up quickly.

Before a student may be admitted to Africa International College(AIC), all of the following must be submitted:

  1. Application fee (non-refundable).
  2. Scholar’s application form: This should be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian and accompanied by two passport-sized    photographs.
  3. Two full years of school reports. These should cover two complete years (the most recently completed academic year and the previous one) as well as the year in progress, if applicable.
  4. Birth Certificate.
  5. Medical report
    • Entrance Examination/Interview
    • New scholars from age 4 (four) require an examination and oral interview to ascertain their readiness for school.
    • Nursery/Primary Classes: An entrance examination based on Mathematics, Reading, English and Writing will be administered.
    • Secondary Classes: Most students in Secondary School will come from the   Primary School section of AIC, together with other students who apply at the beginning of and throughout the academic year. The students write examinations based on Mathematics, Quantitative, English, Verbal and General knowledge. This gives precise information as regards their       potential and learning abilities.
    • Registration: An accepted application and place in the School is guaranteed only after a completed Registration contract (signed by the parents) and    registration Deposit have been received by the School. At this point, responsibility for maintaining and updating the Scholars’ records passes to the appropriate primary or secondary school administrative assistant.
    • Scholars joining mid-year will undergo the same admission procedure although they may require additional support.

1. Black Court shoes
2. White Trainers/Canvas
3. School Bag
4. White Socks
5. Lunch Box
6. Water Bottle
7. Writing Materials (Pencils, Pens, Erasers)
8. Drawing Set
9. T-Square(For Senior Classes)
10. Mathematical Set
11. Musical instrument of your choice( Recorder, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Saxophone, Drum sticks)

1. Full Crate of Poster Colour
2. Painting Brushes
3. Plastic Palette
4. Plastic Bucket
5. Five Wraps of bright fabric dye
6. Caustic Soda/Hydrogen Sulphide
7. Apron
8. Ten different colours of Cardboards
9. Cutter
10. Drawing Board
11. Acrylic Pencils
12. Two Yards of Calico(Fabric for dying) 100%
13. Nylon Handgloves