School Facilities

ICT Facility

The Professor Charles Wambebe ICT Centre is  fully air-conditioned and equipped with state- of- the- art ICT facilities to meet global educational standards, with a 60 student networked station, 2 management stations, server, switch, printer and camera. We offer a regular curriculum on basic computing, word processing, graphic design, spreadsheet creation and internet service. The ICT Centre also provides advanced co-curricular experience in web design, coding/programming and scratch animation.

Our school is equipped with a team of ICT and computer studies experts to guide the students to explore new frontiers in the IT world.

Hostel Facilities

Our prestigious school is known not only for its remarkable academic performance but also for its stellar accommodation facilities. Each hostel is comprised of 30 rooms which are en-suite and accommodate 8 students each. We also have experienced housemasters /mistresses who work hand- in- hand with hostel administrators to supervise the children on campus at all times. Other facilities include: –

  • Locker for each student
  • Ironing room
  • Common room
  • Box room for storage

Our hostels are designed to give your child comfort and serenity to enable them to be the best they can be, in order to achieve greatness. It will be their home away from home.

AIC Choir

We are a group of worshippers…….

As a school, we identify and groom the individual talent of each child and go further to give them a platform to showcase their talent(s) by exposing them to Christian programs within and outside the school. We have a well-equipped technical department run by our student executive and staff adviser.

Our school boasts of the following equipment: –

  • Titan speakers/ Peavey speakers/ Wharfedale speakers
  • Sub-woofers
  • Drum-sets
  • Keyboards
  • Bass guitar
  • 36 -channel mixer
  • 2 -sound equalizers
  • Bass combo
  • Laptop & amplifiers
  • Microphones
  • Guitars

We are more than equipped to harness and train the raw talent in your child to the glory of God.

Mathematics Department

The mathematics department is made up of dedicated, competent, and seasoned teachers who are determined to produce globally talented, competitive, self-motivated and skilled students. Special classes are given to students who are not mathematically inclined to create a passion and interest for mathematics in each child. At AIC we strive towards excellence in mathematics!

The Healing Bay

The health of every child is precious to us at Africa International College. We have a fully equipped clinic for the treatment of minor illnesses as well as experienced nurses who attend to the medical needs of our students.

In emergency cases the parent/guardian of the student is notified and where there is no response the school proceeds with an immediate emergency treatment at our affiliated hospital.

Parents are advised to inform the school of all medical conditions through the medical form required of each student.


We place value on every life that walks through the doors of our campus. AIC is a secured campus where regular security drills take place to help the children know where to go in case of an emergency.

We have a well-trained security team on guard 24/7 to ensure that the school is secured at all times.

Spiritual Life

Students are encouraged to practice Christian discipleship, service, and to also develop a personal relationship with Christ.

AIC in partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) and the school Chaplain oversee formal and informal spiritual nurturing for both staff and students alike.

Sunday worship services hold on school grounds and discipleship classes run through the term to guide the students in their spiritual walk with Christ.


At Africa International College the spirit of sportsmanship thrives.  Participation in sporting activities is encouraged in order to help build and teach the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and training as important life skills for life beyond secondary school.

The school’s sports facilities include

  • A football pitch
  • A basketball court
  • A volleyball court
  • An indoor sports center

Students participate in sports activities twice a week and our sports festival holds every year to ensure the proper mental and physical development of each student.

Science Department

Our science department is well-equipped with modern laboratories where students can conduct practical investigations, finding solutions to questions that arise in the curious world of science.

Our science department is not limited to the laboratories but students are also encouraged to participate in quiz competitions, excursions, projects, and science fairs/ exhibitions to broaden their minds and to help them develop critical thinking skills and abilities for life in the science world.


Meal times are happy times at AIC. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, light snacks at tea break and nightcap are served every day. This is to ensure our students are given the sustenance needed to support their growing minds and bodies.

We know the importance of nutrition to a growing child and we ensure that all meals served are healthy, well-balanced and cooked with love in a clean and hygienic environment.


Our library is of world-class standard and is equipped with a wide array of books and educational materials to aid students to study effectively and also to develop a passion for reading in a world where the reading culture is fading.

Our students have weekly library periods where they borrow, read, and research on assignments and projects given.

Home Economics Lab

Our home economics department is dedicated to helping students develop valuable skills that will be relevant and useful for the rest of their lives from practical cookery to health and nutrition. This varied curriculum is aimed at equipping students with basic life skills.

Clubs & Societies

Our clubs and societies are another more playful component of a well-structured educational system outside the regular academic program that has a huge impact on students’ success. Below are the clubs in AIC

  • Math’s club
  • Jets club
  • Chess Club
  • Esthetics/beautification club
  • Leisure club
  • French club
  • ICT club
  • Junior achievement club
  • Literary circle
  • Physical and mental club
  • Nutrido club

It is important for each student to identify with at least two clubs, as a number of life skills can be acquired from the activities carried out in these clubs.

Basketball Team