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Earth Day


What is the use of a house if one does not have a tolerable planet to build it on? The earth’s sustenance can only be through its maintenance. You can never recover until you discover. This can be likened to the essence of recovering the earth’s original nature as created by God in order to enhance its safety and relevance to the inhabitance as stated in Genesis chapter 1.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the “Earth Day Network” and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

The Earth day is an annual event, celebrated every April 22nd.

This day’s event is held worldwide to demonstrate the support for environmental protection. The proper use of science is not to destroy but to nurture and live in it. The areas to be protected are wildlife, soil degradation, oxon layer depletion, deforestation and other forms of pollution.

2014 Earth Day was entitled “Green Cities”. Memorable activities like tree planting, series of media enlightenment, dance and music carnivals in some countries were quite remarkable activities that culminated the celebration.

The significance of Earth Day celebration was not ruled out in Africa Community School (ACS). Several activities such as school cleaning, enlightenment (i.e. talk show), colouring of significant pictures by the nursery and primary pupils and making of a paper machaire globe by JS2 students.

We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors; it was freely given to man by the Almighty God to freely dominate and care for.

Therefore, it should be properly taken care of


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